The Technology Behind the Plants

The BiotileTM is the foundation of our living walls. Each one of our Biotiles contains layers of a dense hydroponic growth medium combined with a vertical irrigation system. This patented technology gives Sagegreenlife living walls flexibility above and beyond any other green wall system. Below are the key features that make Sagegreenlife living walls the best on the market.


Rock wool, a basalt rock-based growth medium, is the core of our technology. This inert material does not decay over time and is antimicrobial, so no mold or bacteria will grow within it.  Rock wool, unlike soil or felt based systems, does not change in size regardless of being wet or dry, hot or cold. The material is recyclable, making it a sustainable choice.


Rock wool’s density insulates plant roots, providing extra protection through the winter months. This allows outdoor plants to survive, even in cold climates like we have here in Chicago. These insulative properties also extend to sound, giving Sagegreenlife walls the added benefit of noise abatement.


Unlike its competitors, the Sagegreenlife system is truly a hybrid hydroponic system that is water efficient. It delivers water and nutrients evenly and efficiently only when the plants need it.


The “building block” effect allows walls to be created in many shapes and sizes, even wrapping around corners. When it comes to creating a Sagegreenlife living wall, the possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more about what we can do with our Biotiles? Click here to take a look at our project gallery and get in touch with a team member.

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