Things We Love-April

It's spring! The weather is finally getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. To celebrate the warmth and sunshine, we want to share a few things we love right now:


Inboxes get more and more cluttered with spammy junk mail. Even knowing this, I can’t help but check my inbox every time my phone dings, setting myself up to be disappointed when it’s just another unwanted email from something I signed up for months ago. This is where Throttle comes in. When you buy something online or sign up for a newsletter, Throttle generates a new email address for you. It then collects all the emails that get sent to these generated addresses and creates a daily digest for you. You still get to see all the emails, but in one spot at one time rather than clogging your inbox and blowing up your phone. It’s a great way to disconnect, checking your Throttle once a day rather than constantly being tethered to your phone.

Spring Vegetables

Winter can be such a dreary time for cooking. Heavy stews and chili, while delicious, take their toll on your palate and your waistline. Luckily, spring is here and with it comes all the wonderful spring vegetables you’ve been missing! One of my favorites is asparagus, which is so delicious and inexpensive when in season. Here are a couple of fantastic and simple asparagus recipes to make over and over this spring: an asparagus tart and lemony roasted asparagus.


Another spring-related treat we get to experience here in Chicago is Chicagohenge. A play on Stonehenge, which lines up with the sun during certain times of the year, Chicagohenge occurs on the spring and autumn equinoxes. On the spring equinox, which just passed, the sunrise lines up with the east-west streets in Chicago, producing some stunning photos of the city. It’s sort of a man-made natural phenomenon, and it’s beautiful. You can read more about Chicagohenge here.

​Residential Courtyards

Connecting with nature is so important. Sometimes it takes stepping into a space that’s full of nature to realize how much of it is lacking in our own spaces. That’s why these residential courtyards are so incredible. They bring nature indoors in a way that’s rarely seen in residential architecture. All of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to create courtyards in our homes, so instead, create a living wall out of Edelwhite frames. It makes a huge impact for a fraction of the cost.

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