Things We Love- June

Here are a few things we're excited about this month

1. Field Museum Lawn Makeover

The Field Museum here in Chicago is planning a makeover for their lakefront lawn. In addition to beautifying the lawn, the landscaping aims to be better for the local environment. Using native plants will reduce the need for fertilizers and pavers will increase storm water retention. The museum also plans to open the space for educational programming, which we are so excited about. We love any and every opportunity to teach people of all ages about the benefits of focusing on the environment and the changes that can be made at a local level.

2. Self-Sustaining Villages

As part of the Venice Biennale, Danish design studio EFFEKT has created a self-sustaining, off-grid village that can be replicated nearly anywhere. With the goal of combating issues like food and water crises and greenhouse gas emissions, these villages, called ReGen villages, would produce their own food and energy. While they are still in the design stages, construction on ReGen villages may start as early as this summer. We can’t wait to see how they work in practice.

3. The Best Potato Salad Ever

It’s summertime and that means lots of picnics and barbecues. What’s the best dish for both of those occasions? Potato salad. This version from Brown Eyed Baker elevates simple potato salad to be the best it can be with the addition of bacon. Bring this to your next summer bash and you’ll be the most popular person there, as long as you make enough for everyone.

4. Artificial Leaf

A team at Harvard has created an artificial leaf that mimics photosynthesis and produces a usable liquid fuel. The leaf is more efficient than natural photosynthesis at creating energy and takes it one step further- turning into a fuel that humans can actually use. This development takes solar power to new heights, and is a huge step in reducing the use and collection of fossil fuels.

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