Tips for Preparing your Home for Guests

Summer is coming and with it usually comes vacation. If you have friends or family that will be spending their vacation with you, here are some tips to prep your home for visitors:

1. Clean in Stages – If you leave all your cleaning for the last minute, it may add stress to your life and you may not finish all you want to get done. If you make a list of what needs to be cleaned and clean a little bit each day, it will be less overwhelming. Start with the bigger tasks, like cleaning tile or wood floors, and leave quicker tasks like vacuuming and putting out clean towels to closer to the time of arrival. You will be ready for guests in no time.

2. Decorate the Guestroom – Making your guest room feel inviting is easy and doesn’t have to take up a lot of your preparation time. Bring in some plants for added color and to bring life into the room. This detail is a great way to change the way your guestroom feels. Plants bring a homey feeling to any room and will make your guests feel welcome.

3. Plan Ahead for Groceries – If you are going to have food in your house, it is a good idea to ask them what they like ahead of time. This way you can find out if they have any food allergies and you can avoid any uncomfortable situations surrounding food. It can be awkward to serve a big meal with meat as the main course to a vegetarian. Food preferences and eating habit change, so it’s a good idea to just check-in with your guests about what food they would enjoy.

4. Make an Itinerary – Making plans for visitors is always fun. But you also want to make sure that they get to do all the things they want to do on their vacation too. Making plans together is a fun way to anticipate the upcoming trip and have ideas of what things you will be doing together. It will be easier to prepare your home for company if you know what you will be doing. If your guests will be in your home and you will be working, put out some games or leave instructions for using television equipment.

Getting to spend time with people you may not always see and having guests is fun. You can use some of the tips in this article to help minimize any stress that may come from getting your home ready for them. With all the work done, you can feel free to enjoy the time with your guests.

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