To Green or Not to Green: Do Plants in the Workplace Help?

Anyone who’s seen the movie Office Space knows what a welcoming, uplifting workspace is NOT supposed to look like: cubicles, fluorescent lights, monotone walls and carpet, and sleep-inducing decor. If you’ve never seen the movie, you might be wondering how the characters in that office fared. Umm, yeah . . . we’re gonna have to say not very well.

So, is creating a healthy work environment just a matter of opening up space, changing the lighting and adding some creative design? Yes, it’s a proven fact. Oh, and one more essential element: plants.

What happens when there are no plants?

Well, one study found that workers in plant-free environments reported a 23% higher incidence of neuropsychological, mucous membrane and skin symptoms. Not only that, but they had a 37% higher cough rate and a 30% higher fatigue rate.

Still, another has shown that subjects in a room with no plants were not able to handle and recover from stress as quickly as subjects in a room with plants. Then there’s the Japanese study that found that people who don’t live near plants report higher concentrations of cortisol, higher pulse rate, higher blood pressure, less parasympathetic nerve activity, and higher sympathetic nerve activity than those living near them.

The implications are clear - you NEED plants in your office.

But where? How many? Who’s supposed to take care of them?

That’s where Sagegreenlife Living Walls come in. And we just answered the “where.” That’s right, our living walls are built into and grow directly from your existing wall or walls. They can cover as much or as little space as you like, are able to wrap around corners or even hug curves.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls are attached directly to your existing plumbing system, that self-irrigation system that continually provides your plants with just the right amount of water. Your plants get all the nutrients they need from our patented Biotiles™, which contain non-decaying, layered basalt rock fiber and are guaranteed for 3 years (but have proven to last up to 7 times longer).

Our systems not only take care of themselves, but they’re made of recycled materials and is 85% water absorbent making it 10-14X more efficient than soil. Considered alongside employee wellness, employee satisfaction and the fact that you’ll have a stunning piece of art on your wall, there really isn’t a reason not to contact Sagegreenlife.

But some clients don’t have the wall space or are unable to modify their walls.

Which is why we developed our Verdanta™ line of portable walls, which allow clients to place them against a wall, utilize as a partition or even act as a productivity tool by featuring the Sage Productivity Wall writing surface on one side.

Verdanta™ walls can be customized with gorgeous plants on just one side or both. Also, they include a self-contained irrigation system, require minimal effort, and only need a standard electrical outlet to work.

Oh, and did we mention that all our walls absorb sound, are impervious to vermin and can raise property values? (Not to mention employee productivity levels.) What are you waiting for? We’d love to start designing your perfect wall ASAP!

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