Transform Any Home into a Work of Art with Sagegreenlife Living Walls

As a designer, you strive to make your clients’ vision come to life.

You transform ideas into tangible elements. You make living spaces reflect your clients’ lifestyle and personality.

In this way, you’re an artist — bringing homes and offices to life.

And, while you could utilize old tricks of the trade — chic lighting fixtures, framed art or mosaic tile backsplashes — living walls are the new way to complete a home, creating a true work of art.

Living walls: beautiful, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls can immediately transform indoor spaces or add an artistic element to an outdoor wall. Imagine a custom-built vertical wall of living plants and flowers that is self-watering, low-maintenance and visually stunning; it becomes the focal point of any space.

Inside, think dining rooms, living rooms and even bathrooms. Who wouldn’t want to lounge in a garden tub with a living plant wall as the backdrop?

Outside, a wall of plants and flowers incorporates natural elements into concrete and stone areas like terraces or poolside patios.

Vertical gardens are perfect for a home office, too.

While technology-focused rooms without plants look and feel sterile, adding a living wall softens the space to a more appealing and productive environment.

Clients with a living wall in their home office space will be inspired to work in an environment that brings the outdoors inside. And, with the versatility of our Verdanta™ Collection, you can offer the option of a freestanding, living wall and a rolling partition.

Living walls are decorative, sustainable and good for the environment.

We depend on plants to improve the quality of the air we breathe by taking toxins out of the environment.

In this sense, living plants are nature’s air purifiers. They help us feel better physically and they boost our psychological well-being.

Imagine an entire wall of living plants to help reduce fatigue, increase focus and lower the risk of disease all while adding aesthetic value to a client’s home. Paint and wallpaper can certainly add style to any décor, but a Sagegreenlife Living Wall provides the most the dramatic and holistic effect in any space.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are a great investment.

Clients often spend a significant amount of money on accessories, paintings and other works of art to complete a room, so it only makes sense for them to invest in a living work of art that brings so many health benefits into their homes.

Clients can choose greenery, flowering plants and other options that not only enhance a space visually, but provide countless environmental benefits as well.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls give clients’ homes a living work of art that makes them feel as good as it looks, and it just may be that pièce de résistance that makes an overall design truly come together.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are easy to maintain.

All of our Living Walls are easy to maintain because of our patented hydroponic (soilless), non-decaying system that waters itself, providing just the right amount of moisture day and night.

Our innovative Biotiles® are made of basalt rock fiber. They give the plants in the living walls all the nutrients they need and allow for the proper amount of water and airflow for the full life of the wall.

No time to water so many plants? No problem.

Our special “drip tubes” connect to a home’s existing plumbing system to provide automatic irrigation. And, even our freestanding designs come complete with self-contained irrigation and nutrient systems for the ultimate flexibility and all the same benefits as our built-in walls.

If you’re concerned about having enough light for plants to survive, that’s not a problem, either.

All of our walls come with their own lights so you can place them anywhere, regardless of their access to natural light. It really can’t be any easier than Sagegreenlife Living Walls.

When you recommend a Sagegreenlife Living Wall, you are offering clients a way to make their living spaces come to life, while adding value and making an artistic statement in their homes.

We can’t think of a better way to combine design, function, style and aesthetics into a single, environmentally friendly element that’s easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Learn more about the many options of Sagegreenlife Living Walls. We look forward to talking to you. Send us a message to get started.

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