Trending: Plants! Demand Grows as Businesses See the Benefits of Living Design

A few short decades ago, businesses barely gave a thought to incorporating plants and greenery as a design element. Commercial spaces, from corporate offices to retail stores, were designed primarily for functionality and space efficiency, with very little thought given to how people might interact with and be affected by those spaces over time.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century.

No longer a decorative afterthought, plant life has become an integral part of the design process, especially among businesses looking to attract a new generation of workers.

For as much as millennials are considered the technology generation, their socially conscious mindsets dictate a deep connection to nature. They recognize the inherent relationship between environmental preservation and human health, and tend to gravitate toward companies that share those beliefs.

Because millennials represent such a significant base, and because their beliefs factor strongly into their decisions about where they live and work, businesses are seeing the value in modifying their design strategy to engage this younger, more eco-focused generation.

The workplace is where most people spend eight to ten hours a day, five days a week.

Instead of designing spaces that are cut off from the natural world, forward-thinking companies are bringing nature indoors to create working environments that benefit health and wellness in numerous ways.

On a physical level, plants act as temperature regulators and natural air purifiers. In addition to collecting particulate matter such as dirt and dust motes, they absorb harmful gases called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can affect respiratory health.

The use of living design also leads to improvements in employee well-being. Workplaces with plants and greenery reduce the risk of sick building syndrome, and workers typically report better health and fewer sick days. Finally, plants are effective at absorbing sound and reducing noise pollution, which contributes to a more pleasant working environment.

Along with the physical health benefits of bringing the natural world indoors, there are several mental health benefits.

Employees working in close proximity to natural vegetation are more relaxed, productive, creative and collaborative. Memory and concentration levels are improved, and stress levels are substantially lower when people have a direct line of sight to plants and greenery.

Incorporating plants into design is a trend that is likely to continue, and Sagegreenlife makes it easier than ever.

We offer flexible solutions for workplaces focused on infusing nature into their spaces, ranging from large-scale custom installations to self-contained living walls and partitions. Thanks to our patented, recyclable Biotile™ rock wool base and self-irrigation technology, our living walls are almost entirely self-sustainable and require very little maintenance.

And because we know your clients are focused on running a business, setup is minimally disruptive: Our green walls are installed fully grown for maximum positive impact.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can help your clients see the benefits of living design.

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