Verdanta: The Next-Gen Green Wall

Employee wellness has become a major concern over the last few years. In fact, in a survey of HR and finance executives, 83 percent said that employee wellness and productivity is their top concern (HUB International, 2016). Research shows that keeping plant life in the office can increase productivity by 15 percent. This causes workers to complete tasks more quickly, but without an accompanying rise in errors (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2014). Even a single plant improves a person’s mood, diminishing anxiety and depression (Sydney University of Technology, 2010). Sagegreenlife and Gensler saw an opportunity to fill a need: a simple, beautiful, low-maintenance way to bring more plants into office spaces. Together, they created Verdanta TM.

What is Verdanta TM?

Verdanta TM is a double-sided portable living wall. It contains more than 240 plants, but takes up only a few square feet of floor space. The sleek design includes a self-watering tank and options for lighting. Using Sagegreenlife’s Biotile® technology, Verdanta TM is highly water efficient and sustainable, making it an ideal solution for bringing nature into workplaces. “We are proud to introduce Verdanta TM to the public, as we feel it’s an ideal solution for offices looking to energize and bring nature into their spaces in a way that is highly impactful but easy to maintain,” said Sagegreenlife Founder and Managing Member Richard Kincaid. “The flexibility of a movable double-sided living wall is something we are eager to bring to market because it fulfills the needs of the fluid, people-focused workplaces of today.”

In workplaces that are more focused than ever on employee wellness and productivity, as well as creating desirable office spaces, Verdanta’s design and capabilities make it a great way to take advantages of the benefits of nature. “Based on our research, interaction with live plants provides proven wellness benefits in most spaces and environments. However, our ability to implement green solutions at an appropriate scale and level of investment has been difficult, until now,” said Steven Meier, Gensler Chicago’s Principal in Product Design. “By reimagining the humble partition wall as something that promotes both aesthetics and productivity, we have created an essential element to any progressive and people-focused environment.”

Verdanta TM is a low maintenance, simple, beautiful way to bring all the benefits of nature into your space. For details, call 312-234-9655 or email Zach Smith at

Looking for more info? Check out Verdanta's Product Information Sheet.

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