Why We Can't Ship Plants When It's Cold

It’s winter here in Chicago and it’s been pretty cold. In fact it’s been cold enough that I’ve felt some icicles growing on my beard when I walk to the office from the train station. Our soil-free plants have been growing in a local greenhouse so they’re going to be fully grown when they get shipped to you, but they have to be able to make the trip first. Winter weather means that we can’t ship plants out every day like we can in the warmer months. The plants that sagegreenlife grows are live and will continue to grow when placed into AMBIENTA or EDELWHITE. Just like plants in your garden, freezing temperatures can damage them. What does that mean for you? Unfortunately, during extended periods of freezing temperatures, we can’t ship plants out every day because we want to make sure they’re healthy when they arrive to your door and the freezing temperatures may damage any plants in transit. In order to make sure your plants are arriving to you safely, all plants are shipped using two-day shipping regardless of the shipping method you selected for your other products. If you are able, try to have plants shipped to a location where you can bring them inside when they’re delivered so that they’re not sitting on a porch or mailroom for too long.

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