YOSEMITE: Reconnecting with Nature

Disconnecting in a world where technology is so prevalent can sometimes seem impossible. We are constantly inundated with emails, social media updates, and an endless amount of information. We have the world at our finger tips with a smart phone, but I was eager to leave the digital world and escape to a utopia of greenery: Yosemite.

What I once had only seen on my computer screen, El Capitan was in front of my eyes. As clouds dropped away a panoramic view unfolded of the enormous yet delicate natural rock formation, the park wrapped in a seemingly impossible amount of trees and the Bridal Veil waterfall cascading into infinity.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, the fresh air enveloped my face and the colossal trees took over the view. I felt returned to a natural state filled with tranquility, comfort and beauty. I immediately felt a deep connection with nature. I felt alive, invincible and part of it all.

As I navigated around the park, diverse trees followed me in every step I took; standing tall, resilient, and each one with unique and interesting textures.

When I reached the Yosemite waterfall the temperature dropped, the mist washed over my skin, and the water trickled through every rock, creating a sense of peace. I found myself immersed in an oasis of water and greenery. I truly felt the earth speaking to me.

My visit to Yosemite has reaffirmed my dedication to help people experience nature in their everyday lives through products like Ambienta and Edelwhite. How will you connect with nature?

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