More Buildings Are Going Green. Literally.

"Biophilic’ designs incorporate elements of nature both outside and inside. It’s aesthetically pleasing—and makes people feel, and perform, better."

Bring Life to Your Office with Living Walls

"Sagegreenlife has been growing and evolving in the biophilic design sphere, much like the visually stunning and sustainable living wall installations it creates."

 Sagegreenlife's Verdanta Collection Wins 2018 Architizer A+ Award

"The Verdanta Collection won the jury selection for exceeding excellence in form, function and innovation in the Roofs category."

Plant-filled Portable Wall Brings Wellness to the Workplace

"Sagegreenlife has expanded its Verdanta product line consisting of plant-filled portable walls and partitions designed to bring wellness to the workplace."

Optimize Productivity by Designing for Health and Wellness

"Emerging workplace research highlights how plants and living walls have positive effects on problem-solving skills, ideation, and creativity, adding incredible benefits to the Habits at Work space in the form of increased quality output.”

Coalesse and Sagegreenlife: Working Towards Better Office Life

"In honor of Earth Day and in light of the rapidly growing trend of biophilic design, Coalesse

Sagegreenlife and Forward Space celebrated green living in the workplace..." 

"At Sagegreenlife, a designer of living walls and interior decor products based here, the emphasis is on integrating three elements: design, nature and technology. "

Built-In Living Wall

"The customizable living wall provides improved air quality, noise control and can attach to any structural plane including columns and curved surfaces indoors and outside."

New & Noteworthy: Build a [Green] Wall

"The demand for and benefits of biophilia and foliage has precipitated an alliance between Coalesse and 

Sagegreenlife's Verdanta line of custom, on-demand, built-in living wall products."

Sagegreenlife & Coalesse Announce Alliance

"Today Sagegreenlife, a leader in the design and manufacture of interior and exterior living green walls, and Coalesse, creator of furnishings for the modern workplace that bring new life to work, announced a new alliance designed to enliven the workplace with living walls"

New Player In Living Walls Brings Outside Inside

"Sagegreenlife is bringing living walls to a growing market with new technologies that allow people to bring the outside inside."


"Thousands of i+s readers voted on their favorites from this year’s Sources, and we heard you loud and clear. The following are the picks for top products from industry leaders in architectural..." – Partition Is Composed of Plant Life

"Sagegreenlife has partnered with Gensler to create a double-sided green partition known as Verdanta."

Sophisticated Living

“Being in the presence of an architectural element formed entirely of greenery, well, makes you feel good.” – How to Beat the Winter Blues at Work

"Colder weather and shorter days could leave some of us vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)." 

My Social Good News – Sagegreenlife

"Sage Vertical Gardens is now named sagegreenlife and is the umbrella brand for both the company’s SageWall living green walls and its small-scale designer products, the Ambienta and the Edelwhite."

New York Times Style Magazine – ambienta

“I can get good use out of this, especially with all the weather changes in Oklahoma.- R. Westbrook ” – How to Specify: Green Walls

"Discover specification tricks for enlivening your next project with a green wall."

Modern Luxury Magazine

"Spring is the perfect time to amp up your plants. Nathan Beckner, a horticulturist and designer for Chicago-based green wall-design firm Sagegreenlife gives us the lowdown on going green and no-fail flora."

Fox 32 Chicago

"Fashion expert Ryan Beshel swings by Good Day Chicago to show off some of the holiday season's best gifts for men."

Garden Collage- ambienta

“We’ve been searching a long time for a chic, space-saving grower for apartments that don’t get a lot of sun....we knew we had found the perfect one.”

DIY network- ambienta

“Any indoor gardening fan will love the Ambienta’s synergy of stunning design and its clever way to bring a garden indoors”.

Modern Luxury Interiors – edelwhite

“Pouzet has made adding some green to your space so much easier... ”

Chicago Magazine

"Installations (spotted locally at venues like BellyQ, Left Coast, and Lou Malnati’s) can be customized for both indoor and outdoor spaces alike."

Pure Wow-ambienta

“...snag a sleek grow lamp that brings light into your home and refreshes your beloved greenery with specialized LED lights. ”

Cool Hunting – ambienta

“Not only does the lamp feel alive, it allows you to have plants away from the window”.

Fast Company – ambienta

"The research behind houseplants and their health benefits is less robust, but studies have shown that some people are less anxious, more productive, and happier when they're around indoor greenery."

Apartment Therapy – ambienta

“Your thumb just got greener: ambienta lamp to help grow plants.”

Green Profit -ambienta

“There have been lots of kitchen garden lights...but none are designed to be a stylish accent to any room in the house”

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